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Melanie Blaszkowski


Melanie has been competing on synchronized skating teams for more than 2 decades, beginning with Fraser Eclipse. Moving to Gems on Ice, she earned a 2005 National pewter medal with the Juvenile team. Next, a Team Elan National Silver medal in Juvenile. She then became a national competitor with Phoenix, followed by Crystallettes Novice, where her team won the 2009 National Championships. Most recently, she skated with Onyx Infinity Adult until 2020.

"After 16 and a half years of synchronized skating experience, I am looking to take my love for synchronized skating off the ice the next generation of talented synchronized skaters. I have always loved the sport, reading and understanding the technical points and scores, and I have been creating a very long list of music and program ideas for most of my life."

Melanie Blaszkowski
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