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Our Awards

Rookie Of The Year


The purpose of the Rookie of the Year Award is to recognize a first year member to

Onyx Infinity Synchronized Skating who has shown excellence in attendance, dedication,

positive attitude, performance, team spirit and overall contributions as a team player.

Up to two Rookie of the Year awards can be conferred each year. 


Gem Award


The GEM Award recognizes a member on each team that exhibited and demonstrated

positive ATTITUDE, exemplary ATTENDANCE and continual contributed in teamwork,

effort and performance to ACHIEVE the goals set through forth by the team.


    Exhibits outstanding performance at all practices, exhibitions and

       competitions and continually exhibit team spirit.

    Demonstrates positive attitude and is a role model for Onyx Infinity Synchro.

    Continue to push herself to excel as an athlete in synchronized skating.



Onyx Award


The Onyx Award recognizes the Onyx Infinity Synchronized Skating skater who has

portrayed and demonstrated the true qualities within the meaning of Onyx Infinity:

   Inner Strength: A skater who demonstrates the persistence to carry a task to

       completion through focused attention and adaptability.

   Physical Strength: A skater that keeps focused on reaching one’s personal

       goals by exhibiting a consist regime to achieve one’s goal.

   Self-Mastery: A skater who demonstrates the discipline and willpower to stay

       focused and exhibits self-control during critical and adverse situations.

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